Tina from Virginia USA

Tina from Virginia USA

Hi there,

We made it home!! I have to tell you I have never been more impressed. I’ve been in business for 40 years and dealt with a lot of companies and people and you and Asia Dream Tours are the best of the best. Exceeding every expectation!

Twenty- one traveling days, 5 flights, 8 different hotels and one ship and not one time did someone not be where they said they would be. Every reservation was made. Every guide was there and knew where we should be and where we should go. They were kind, knowledgeable, and really great ambassadors of their countries. They all were truly wonderful. Your recommendations on where to go in each country and city really gave us the most for the time we had. You taking the time to meet us was so very nice and not expected, but it was wonderful to meet you. Thank you for taking the time.

When you said you would be available anytime if needed, was comforting but not something I thought we would need, but a lot could go wrong with three weeks of plans. But when we called after hours on a weekend and someone was there to help is really awesome, even though the reason we called was because we didn’t go to the correct gate which was clearly told to us even in writing. But when we went to the correct gate there was our driver with cold handy wipes and cold water and big smile, not mad we made him wait, just relived. What a nice person!

If anyone ever asks for a reference please feel free to give them my contact information. You and everyone of your guides and drivers were magnificent. You made a truly memorial vacation we will cherish.

Tina from Virginia USA May 21, 2019